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Gender Roles A Social Norm For Women - 1633 Words

I never really thought about gender roles growing up. I wanted to shave my legs by the time I was eight, I wanted to wear makeup before I even hit sixth grade, and I used to cry when my mom told me I had to wear pants to school instead of a dress when it was cold outside. I was your stereotypical feminine female. But as I have grown up, I have begun to realize that many people are not like me. I have also begun to realize what many more people expect from me. Wearing makeup has become a social norm for women. Little girls put on costume makeup to play dress up because they see the â€Å"beautiful† women on TV and in the media wearing it. Those â€Å"beautiful† women become the young girls’ idols and they start to admire their looks and replicate†¦show more content†¦So again, we return to the question of these young girls wouldn’t wear makeup if all of their idols are. We are taught as young women (either by our parents, the media, or our friends) that it is the correct thing to do, so we do it. But men are not taught this same thing; your typical male role models do not wear makeup. Sure, if an actor is going on camera or playing a particular character they will wear some type of stage makeup, but that is an exception. Men, for the most part, do not feel the pressures of society to look perfect and hide their flaws because the role models they see everyday are out living their life without a drop of tinted moisturizer. I cannot even count the number of times I have seen photos of a male and female celebrity both in sweatpants with the males caption as â€Å"so and so goes grocery shopping in relaxed pants† and the females saying â€Å"so and so is so heartbroken over her break up that she could not even get dressed today.† That example is a major reason as to why I am focusing on wearing makeup in this paper. I am a woman who is sick and tired of being expected to hide my flaws and look hot while the man next to me can wear sweatpants with bedhead and not get a second look from anyone. Every morning when I wake up, I get dressed, I put on my contacts, and then I do my make up. It’s like clockwork. FirstShow MoreRelatedDoes Gender Role Norms Affect Behavior?1698 Words   |  7 Pagesfor men and women (Blackmore, 2003; Mahalik et al., 2005). These ideas, called â€Å"gender role norms,† affect the way people believe they are supposed to act, think, and even feel depending on their sex (Mahalik et al., 2005). These norms can be learned through simple observation, such as how children of different sexes act in television commercials and what behaviors are reinforced by parents depending on their child’s biological sex. As children grow up, their knowledge on gender norms and judgmentsRead MoreGender Norms And Female Deviance Essay1250 Words   |  5 PagesNorms in society are the expectations of actions in specific situations. Social norms keep human social relations and behavior stable. Norms are â€Å"rules† that have developed within a particular society taking into account its values, culture and way of living. Sometimes, it is even the case that individuals do not have a choice and rarely recognize that fact that social norms have arbitrary origins because they have experienced this during the ongoing process of living (Clinard and Meyer 2011:10)Read MoreTaking a Look at Gender Norms962 Words   |  4 PagesGENDER NORMS The term â€Å"gender† is often used interchangeably with â€Å"sex†. The distinction should be made between gender and biological sex. (Antai, 2012). The US Institute of Medicine in 2001 offered recommendations on these terminologies. (Wizemann Pardue 2001). They referred to sex as a classification, â€Å"generally as male or female, according to the reproductive organs and functions that derive from the chromosomal complement†. (Wizemann Pardue 2001, p.5).They also suggest that gender shouldRead MoreThe Social Of A Social Institution908 Words   |  4 PagesConnect structure to your social issue/topic: 1.) What social institutions are connected to your social issue/topic? My topic is gender roles in society the social institutions which influence to the stigmatization of gender are: Family: Throughout history women and men have been stigmatized into categories based on their biological sex. Parents from day one address their child based on their physical characteristics of either a male or female. Family has a great influence because they teach theirRead MoreGender Roles During The Years Men And Women Essay1594 Words   |  7 PagesGender Roles in Society Over the years men and women have been given gender roles that they are pressured to follow. According to Amy Blackstone, â€Å"gender roles are based on the different expectations that individuals, groups and societies have of individuals based on their sex†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (2003). In other words, gender roles are social norms and expectations, created and accepted by society, based on a person’s gender. There have been different gender roles throughout the different time eras and in some erasRead MoreSocial Construction Theory : The Product Of Society And History851 Words   |  4 PagesFall Term Essay 1 Social construction theory explains human behaviour and identities as the product of society and history (Vance 29). This theory is the opposite of biological determinism and essentialism which suggest that genetic, physiological, and biological traits determine human behaviour (Vance 29). As mentioned in lecture (Klement), identities are unique to every person; they are the values, norms, values, and images in society that are combined, constructed, or created. Societal pressuresRead MoreThe Social Construction Of Gender957 Words   |  4 Pagesregulations in which people have to obey making social life be structured. Society has expectations for people to live by. People tend to live up to the norms in order to feel part of the world. Individuals do not want to be judged and labeled, so unconsciously live by the roles that they believe their gender has to follow. Gender is socially constructed concept in which society acts upon. The family is the first to influence individuals to this idea. Gender has roles in which boys and girls are supposed toRead MoreGender, Gender And Gender Roles844 Words   |  4 PagesSociety has institutionalized gender roles since the beginning of time, a common one is that women are the nurturers and housekeepers, while men are the breadwinners of household. In spite of centuries, and fighting for women s rights, such as the right to vote in the late 1920s. Women still have roles to fulfill, even in a modern society that is dominated by a virtual world. Gender identification has multiplied from that of men and women, to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ)Read MoreMass Media And Gender In The 1950s752 Words   |  4 Pagesmedia has influenced gender norms in the United States since the 1950’s when television became a household phenomenon. Per Jacqueline Coombs in an article titled Gender Differences in the Influence of Television on Gender Ideology, she asserts, â€Å"television is a powerful source in disseminating information and shaping opinion, exposing people from many different social settings to the same messages† (207). These messages can influence gender norms and reinforce personal gender identity. ThroughoutRead MoreHow Men and Women Are Perceived According to Their Gender844 Words   |  3 PagesIn todays western world societal differences occur based on ones gender and have been shaped over hundreds of years and have shown what is deemed acceptable for one gender is not always acceptable for the other. Our society is based on a gender social structure and what is appropriate for an individual. Promiscuous behavior and active sexual expression ranges from whats expected of an individual and can change based on their gender, age and socio-economic status. The evolutionary theories explain

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