Monday, November 18, 2019

Business Summary of each career position Personal Statement

Business Summary of each career position - Personal Statement Example As a senior member on the regional Change and Configuration Management Board (CCMB), I ensured total conformity in terms of accepted standards, equipment and software product list achieved by evaluation, and confirming every kind of system-wide changes, and briefing the senior managers on programmed/ unprogrammed equipment changes. Further, I assisted in development and documentation of network disasters, recovery, backup and Continuity of Operation Program polices and principles; further was the meticulous use of information assurance policies or managing the accessibility and indecency of resources and valuation of Service Level Agreement (SLA) delivery. Lastly, I was responsible for carrying tasks that required application of explicit principles, methodologies and procedures by ensuring the assignment is complete within set periods. This required me to take full duty when MITSC Director were absent and oversee all the activities given to the MITSC. I also farmed out tasks and offered directions as required. I carried out other additional duties engrossed in both long and short-term planning for change and delivery of Next Generation Enterprise Network (NGEN) services within the region. Another very essential duty was developing policies for regional and local NGEN enterprise services, data centers, network control facilities and system operation units in addition to efficiently maintaining communication lines with HQMC C4, MARFORPAC Regional Network Operations Support Center (RNOSC), and other MITSCs and Base, Post, Station Supporting Establishment staffs. I was further responsible for administering technical planning for performance of Information Technology inventiveness, competences and requirements of architecture for the tenant instructions, offering guidelines to IT Command in terms of improvements in the region. I directly coordinated with Headquarters and all any other relevant

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