Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Research paper on at&t Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Research paper on at&t - Essay Example Hence, both mobility and wireline services will continue to be the focal point of this company along with ISP services. The leadership at ATT is very active force that is trying to get this company ready for the future. As the concept of virtualization and cloud computing becomes more evident; the CEO of ATT is Randall Stephenson, who made great strides to position the company with his vision of Web 2.0. With the help of his CFO, John Stephens constantly collaborate with the FCC for compliance and earnings propagation. It is clear what his vision as he states, â€Å"We’re restructuring our network to shift from hardware- to software-based systems. These can be updated more quickly and cheaply, so we can stay ahead of our customers’ changing expectations† (â€Å"AT&T Support Center†). The company is a public company that is traded in New York Stock exchange as well. ATT has reported a revenue of around $32 million for their 1Q earnings (â€Å"AT&T Support Center†). ATT has been steadfast in reducing expenses by moving to equipment and assets that are not vendor specific. This has allowed the company to not rely on vendors and harness in-house development and techniques which are crucial for the long run of the company. One of the biggest vision of the company is to invest more in the 4G LTE network and slowly shutting their GSM services(an older technology). From a financial standpoint, it is clear that the organization will reap the benefits because it will be able to use its IP services for voice communications as well(â€Å"Femtocell Operator News and Opinons†) . ATT is famous for offering wireless and wireline services. The first and foremost is an effortless customer service. In the realm of effortless customer service, it is clear that ATT wants to take an initiative to provide effortless customer service via seamless integrations of tools and portals. Moreover, ATT has a grand scheme of vision that is known as 2020.  By 2020, the

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